QIRT-Asia 2019 Banquet July 4, 2019

Although we worried the bad weather like a storm in the morning, the rain stopped just before the walk in the beautiful garden of Tsunamachi Mitsui Club.

The beautiful garden of Mitsui Club; the harmony of Japanese and western style

The banquet started with a brilliant music played by JOE Kato Quartet. JOE Kato is well-known as a recording violinist in Japan. The program was the suite ‘Portraits of the Scientists’ composed by Kunihiro Kawano, who was one of the original member of ai-Phase Co., Ltd. JOE was the close friend of Mr. Kawano so that he willingly agreed to play at this banquet. Mr. Kawano of heaven might be pleased…

The JOE Kato Quartet

Participants enjoyed the traditional French cuisine with slight taste of Japanese ingredients such as ‘junsai’ and ‘shiso’. The dinner went on in the friendly atmosphere with the help of good wines, bread and Mozart’s music.

We hope it was an unforgettable night in the early summer of Tokyo for all participants!